Caracola is currently located in the spacious St Theresia elementary school in the area Wittevrouwenveld in Maastricht, only 1 km from the Central Station. The building was designed as an "open air school" by the architect Frits Peutz and is considered a national monument. In this setting, interdisciplinary co-creation arises between artists, foodies, and creative and social entrepreneurs and initiatives who work and organise events there.

In the St. Theresia school, there are desks available in our newly renovated co-workingspace.

Part time flex subscription:  
€60,- per month for 3 set weekday, 8 hours a day between 8am and 6pm.

Full time flex subscription:
€100,- per month for all 5 weekdays, 8 hours a day between 8am and 6pm.

24/7 flex subscription:
€140,- per month for 24/7 acces and use of the callroom and brainstormspace (max. 4 hours per week), and once a month free use of the eventspace. Renting a desk together with a team is possible and will be rewarded with a discount!

Caracola offers two event spaces (54m2), one on the ground floor (accessible by wheel-chair, wooden floor) and one on the first floor.

The event space on the ground floor is fully equipped with multimedia and very suitable for business meetings, workshops and lectures. Max capacity: 40 seats.

The event on the first floor is perfect for yoga lessons, dance classes and theater.


Lunch or drinks can be ordered during meetings and events. We offer event photography and free promotion of the event through our social media channels. The entrance hall can also be used for networking drinks or lunches. Contact us for the possibilities. 




upon request


For meetings up to 15 people and brainstorm sessions, a room is available with whiteboard walls and a screen


upon request

A small (5m2) call room is located adjacent to the co-working space and can be used for private calls or meetings.

When booked in advance, to make sure it’s available when you need it, the price is €5 per hour.

It can be used for free by all members when available.


Professional Kitchen

Since may 26th 2016, a fully equipped kitchen can be rented for events taking place at Caracola, or by starting food-professionals who are in need of a clean, professional kitchen for catering elsewhere.


Note: all prices include taxes (BTW)

Prices applicable as of 1/10/2016

Lovingly co-created in Maastricht