Improv Group

maart 13, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Centrum Vaktherapie
President Rooseveltlaan 213, 6224 CP Maastricht

Centrum Vaktherapie organiseert een open improv groep elke even week op woensdag avond. Meer info vindt je op de facebook pagina ( of website (

LET OP: de voertaal van dit evenement is Engels.


Centrum Vaktherapie is organising an English speaking, open, donation based improv group every even week on Wednesday evenings!

Theatre has many positive benefits such as increased playfullness, healthy laughter, getting to know new people, encourages you to step out of your comfortzone (who doesn’t want that?!) and not to forget it reduces stress!

The content will be co-created by us and the group members which allows for many different forms of theatre, sharing exercises and ideas.
If you’d like to come by, check out our facebookpage ( for the next improv group event!

Dit bericht is een kopie van een kalender feed van een adere website.

Lovingly co-created in Maastricht