Caracola empowers motivated, starting social entrepreneurs in their development as professionals by providing accessible & dynamic workspaces, by organising meaningful debates, inspiration sessions, meet-ups and other events and by engaging them in co-creating social and cultural projects. In addition to physical space, we provide the space to experiment, play and explore.

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Caracola aims at increasing social impact by organizing activities and services in four focus area's: work, create, learn and connect

We provide dynamic an accessible workspaces to work professionally and responsibly with other social and creative freelancers, start-ups and organisations, ranging from flex desks, quite spaces, brainstorm rooms, and event- and meeting spaces.

To achieve new ways of working and living, we must think beyond limitations. Caracola provides the physical space and experimental space for social  entrepreneurs to create and develop freely. Our space might be limited, but the possibilities are endless.

Caracola sees itself a learning organisation and aspires to extent knowledge to its members. Meet your peers, join workshops & events and accelerate your growth through collaborative learning. We believe this is key to creating change.

Caracola believes in the power of community. Connect with the creative network we built in and around our spaces to exchange knowledge and ideas. Together we are building on a strong future for ourselves, our community and society as whole.

At Caracola, we believe that generating a network of people and spaces that fosters social involvement, creativity and entrepreneurship will enhance urban life in a sustainable way. Together with our members, we explore how we can contribute to the developments of the public space through temporary projects. We think of this like practicing urban acupuncture: which means making small, targeted interventions that bring new life energy into the urban metabolism by stimulating creative and social activity.


To achieve this goal, our organisation is highlighted by three core values: atmosphere, attention and impact

Atmosphere: The organisation of Caracola is open and easy accessible and our building at the Theresia School in Wittevrouwenveld is very light and spacious. This environment is very suitable as a playground and experimental space for our socially engaged members.

Attention: Caracola is a small organisation, with a big mission. From the food we serve to the members we host and city we work in, we believe that everything and everyone deserves our honest and personal attention. As part of the "Cultural Freezone Policy" of de Gemeente Maastricht, our door is always open, we provide tailor-made advise and find flexible solutions for questions from the people in the city and our members.

Impact: For our team and our partners, our actions are only successful if we have a positive impact on our selves and our environment. Social impact is our first priority. All our products- and/or services are selected with care and as sustainable and local as possible. In addition, as an organisation we are always challenging ourselves to find sustainable solutions for social entrepreneurship in the future.

"As life unfolds in beautiful synchronicities, Caracola was one of this fortunate opportunities." 

– Alice Bara, Reconnecting Soul

Visit us:

President Rooseveltlaan 213
6224 CP Maastricht

T: 0031 6 43 21 55 67 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9 am and 5 pm

Lovingly co-created in Maastricht